Benefits to advertisers

  • Dozens of people are moving... into your area EVERY WEEK. In many cases these residents are new to the area and have no local knowledge. They are looking for guidance and Your Little Black Book offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to get themselves in front of these new potential customers.
  • Delivered to... every property; business and residential, over 12,000 homes and businesses within each area - guaranteed. Delivered under contract by the Royal Mail
  • Online linked...the only local publication which links your complete advertisement to an online presence allowing local customers to search for you online and view your advert
  • It works... Your Little Black Book is very widely read and used by residents of the area. Most of our advertisers appear in each edition because the directory works and generates new business for them.
  • Price... Your Little Black Book represents incredible value if your target market includes local residents in each of our distribution areas. (see the map detailing each directory). You can get coverage for a 'whole year' for less than the cost of one week, in local newspapers.
  • It is truly local... All advertisers operate in or are close to the area. There is strong evidence that truly local suppliers are preferred by the majority of the UK population.
  • Longevity... It isn't thrown away each week like a local newspaper or monthly magazine. People keep it as a reference because it is a local directory and contains social information covering; clubs, societies, sports fixtures and a wide range of local authority detail and services.
  • Quality... Your Little Black Book has a very high standard of 4 colour print and production - utilising 100gsm glossy paper. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure that you look your best and that your company is proud to be featured and associated with a high quality publication.


Your Little Black Book is published and distributed every 4 months in spring, summer and winter. So you can change your advertisement to suit your strategy and the season.

  • It is delivered under exclusive contract via Royal Mail to over 12,000 homes and businesses in each area - guaranteed. These focus on; Heathfield (TN19,20 & 21) and Uckfield (TN22).
  • It is displayed online and linked so web searchers can find you at any time

Format and design

  • It is an A5 size booklet, stapled, with a glossy colour throughout.
  • Your Little Black Book is printed on 100gsm paper giving it a very high quality feel.
  • It has 'longevity' and because of its size, content, look and feel, it is kept by the majority of households until the next issue arrives, thereby giving advertisers 'immediacy of access' when their services are required.
  • Technical specifications for the adverts are set out below.


  • The population of each area is virtually all A's, B's and Cl's.
  • Disposable income in the villages is well above average, both nationally and within the south east.
  • For instance, a local independent survey indicated recently that over 1000 homes in the Heathfield area, regularly "eat out" or purchase "take away" meals each week.
  • The majority of homes in the villages are 3 bedroom or more.

Advertiser's Guide

Copy deadline

  • This varies for each directory, so please call or email the office for actual dates.

Acceptable formats

  • Adverts can be submitted in the following formats:
    PDF (High Resolution)
    TIFF (300dpi)
    JPEG (300dpi)
  • PNG
  • All advert sizes are as detailed below;

    Full page 132mm X 178mm

    1/2 page 132mm X 86mm

    1/4 page 64mm X 86mm

    1/8 page 64mm X 40mm

  • If your advert is not available in an electronic format, or if it needs any changes that you are unable to undertake, our studio will be able to assist you.


  • Full payment for all adverts must be received by the copy deadline date unless credit facilities have been agreed in advance.

Price List ( excluding VAT)




  3 Issue Package* (full year)
Eighth Page Advert £82.50   £198
Quarter Page Advert £137.50   £330
Half Page Advert £258.50   £620
Full Page Advert £484   £1,160
Back Cover Advert (full page only) £605   £1,452
Inside Back Cover (full page only) £550          £1,320


*  Terms & Conditions of sale;

All advertisement bookings are due for payment in full, prior to publication unless credit terms have been agreed in advance.

The discount for "3 Issue Package" advertisements as shown above, is based upon YLBB receiving full payment prior to the 1st advert appearing.

If staged payments are agreed and subsequently cancelled, then all adverts published will revert to the single issue rate and the balance becomes payable immediately to YLBB.

Multi-edition discounts are available, please call the office on 01435 868080.